Bath Rugby Foundation

Who we are

Our purpose
Bath Rugby Foundation is the charitable arm of Bath Rugby Club set up to empower all young people in Bath and surrounding areas to succeed. Bath is a city famed for its Roman baths, impressive Georgian architecture, Jane Austen - and of course its rugby club. But behind the Georgian façade lies a different story. 20% of children in Bath are living in poverty. Bath Rugby Foundation exists to bridge the gap between the poorest and most affluent areas, and build a positive, supportive community in BaNES.
Our action
We are a small team with a big voice and an even bigger impact. We use the values of rugby to inspire young people to create a better future for themselves. We focus on key areas of need in our community, specifically, improving Health, Education, Employability and Inclusion in the South West. We target young people in their every day environments - whether that's in the park, at school or in the street. All of our projects pair classroom based learning with getting active on the pitch. Our participants leave with raised confidence, and new life skills, part of the Bath Rugby family.
Health, Education, Inclusion and Employability students a year
Students finding employment
Students with disabilities