STEP is an intervention programme that is designed to help fix problems that impact on children’s learning.

The programme helps build strength and hand-eye coordination for students who often experience problems with back pain and issues relating to their posture.

As a result of experiencing back pain, students can often find themselves behaving more poorly, or are generally more fidgety.

A very well-evidenced intervention, the STEP programme can also be extremely beneficial to students who struggle, or who are often frustrated, with their handwriting - an issue which is often related to having poor posture or difficulty with sitting up straight.

Studies have revealed that 76% of students moved from below to on or above expected attainment in English after taking part in the STEP programme.

The programme will be delivered to pupils individually, where they will be given personalised core strength exercises to help combat the issue.

Presented by a teaching assistant, STEP will involve pupils participating in two, ten minute sessions per day.

To learn more about this programme email our Education Officer, Jonno Wood