Bath Rugby Foundation
Rob Pickup
Foundation coach
Rob comes to the Foundation following a stint in the British Army. He joined the Royal Signals aged 18 as a Communication Systems Operator before leading to become a teaching assistant. As a lifelong rugby fan, the opportunity to work at Bath Rugby Foundation was too good to miss. Rob is also head coach of the Bath Ladies 2nd team, as well as playing for Stothert and Pitt RFC. He joined the Foundation in July 2015.
“I’ve always loved rugby, so being able to combine rugby and education at one of the best rugby clubs in England is a real treat for me. My favourite project is Urban Rugby Squad, coaching rugby to disengaged 13 to 17 year olds who may have never picked up a rugby ball in their life. Seeing the transformation week on week from being unable to catch a rugby ball to week twelve where they are executing complex moves and working as a team is brilliant. During my time here, I’d really like to design or have an input into a brand new project.”