Bath Rugby Foundation
Halena Coury
Events Manager

Halena is our chief events organiser and resident social butterfly. What Halena doesn’t know about Bath, isn’t worth knowing. And that insider knowledge has seen her throw some of the city’s biggest and best fundraising events. Halena joined the Foundation in 2012 and has seen the events sector go from strength to strength.
“I loved the work of the charity and wanted to help make a difference. The inclusion work for me is really special. The coaches are fabulous mentors and really caring. It is wonderful to see the results they achieve often with children and young people who most wouldn’t even approach. I find inspiration in seeing the possibilities and thinking outside of the box around charity and charity work. Through our various events I hope to get recognition for the work of our wonderful coaches and for the impact of the work we do. I hope that Bath businesses will engage with our stories, and see how charities can add real, long lasting value.