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French 400 – Day Two

What goes on tour…

There’s a very famous saying, ‘what goes on tour…stays on tour’ and I’m a firm believer this should remain the case for evermore. However, there’s the occasional incident you feel duty bound to share. 

Everyone was feeling the fatigue of the ferry crossing / the pre first day cycling celebrations / an 85 mile bike ride so naturally there were a lot of people who decided an early night was in order. However, when the ‘Bradford on Avon Three’ decide to liven things up with a couple of bottles of Ricard there was only one way the evening was going to end for many of the crew!

I’m pleased to say as the author of this report, I was the last person to go to bed, but not necessarily the last one to stop drinking! There were some very sorry looking specimens amongst the cyclists this morning, several of which didn’t look as though they’d complete 84 metres on a bike, let alone 84 miles. One in particular springs to mind. For legal reasons I can’t mention his name but he completed the 84 miles with his cycle shorts on back to front! No padding on his rear end for the entire day. What impressed me immensely was by lunchtime he was the only person who didn’t know his shorts were the wrong way around. 

This was topped by one female who cycled all day with her shorts inside out. Again I can’t name her but I can say she works for Bath Rugby Foundation.

Sadly a couple of riders had to pull out after 70 miles today, but both are recovering well and will no doubt be on the start line tomorrow morning. During our evening meal it was announced there will be a court session tomorrow night  when all participants who have done something silly / foolish or illegal will be in front of the judge, non other than former Bath Rugby & England legend John Hall. Apparently he’s harsh but fair, and in over 20 years of presiding over courts around the world has never found anyone to be innocent of the charges brought against them!

The stamina of our 70+ cyclists is immense, all cycling several hours a day raising money for Bath Rugby Foundation and still finding enough energy to celebrate the success of the day, each evening. If you’d like to make a donation to this wonderful charity and show some support for the hardy souls cycling in France please visit

If you think you have what it takes to join in next year’s challenge when we’ll be doing it all again in Italy, please email [email protected] as I said in yesterday’s report, I’ll definitely get back to you but it won’t be until next week.

Another long day in the saddle tomorrow as we make our way from Caen to Rouen so I’m going to make a wise decision now and get…back to the bar.

Finally on behalf of the cyclists I’d like to thank all the volunteers who are out here contributing hugely to the success of this challenge. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them and they all have friendly smiling faces when the cyclists arrive at various pit stops / require a massage / or need a mechanical issue with their bike resolving. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you.

More tomorrow.


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