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Bath Rugby Foundation Awards Evening

Bath Rugby Foundation’s annual Awards Evening is taking place on Tuesday 22nd November at the Assembly Rooms in Bath. The event is a chance to celebrate the success of the Foundation, and more importantly the young people we work with, over the past 12 months.

The nominees are made up of students from our Health, Education, Inclusion or Employability programmes, Foundation volunteers, fundraisers, and corporate supporters.

The Respect Award

The Respect Award recognises people who have recognised previous bad behaviour and decided to make a change. Through their words and through their actions, they have started to show respect to themselves and to others. It could also be for someone who has gained the respect of others due to their behaviour.

Nominees: Chloe Mairs, Christian Spotswood, Finlay, Josh Allen, Sam Rozario, and Tim Luck.

The Integrity Award

The Integrity Award recognises people who have shown honesty and a strong moral compass in dealing with situations on and off the pitch. It recognises someone who tells the truth to the benefit of all those around them, and is open with both friends and coaches.

Nominees: Aaron Sumner, Ben Bradley, Jonny Wickens, Kieran Cunningham, Matt Flynn and Todd Burge.

The Teamwork Award

The Teamwork Award recognises team players. People who view success as working together to reach the goals of the group, and not just being the biggest, fastest or strongest. It recognises someone who is well liked by those around them, and who empowers other team members to be their best.

Nominees: Inclusive After School Club parents, Jack Williams, John Mills, Janet Mills, Lucy Fox and Steve Bancroft, and The Move Like a Pro men.

The Dedication Award

The Dedication Award recognises people who have shown commitment and grit in the face of adversity. They have attended every session, worked their hardest and shown infectious enthusiasm throughout the programme.

Nominees: Alex Horwood, Laura Armshaw, Luca Coogan, Morgan Lidster, Nick Marwood, Rich Pool, and Sean Harvey.

The Inspiration Award

The Inspiration Award recognises people who have caused those around them to think or feel differently about a task or an issue. It might be a participant who has moved others to behave differently, or rethink the issue at hand. The participant might have developed so much during the programme that they have inspired both coaches and contemporaries – and reset the bar in terms of what we thought was possible.

Nominees: Alice Beere, Matty Marden, Isaac Long, Michelle Saunders and Caroline Thatcher, and Sonny Newton-Beaven.

The Ambition Award

The Ambition Award recognises someone who has shown a strong desire to achieve something. It recognises a person who has prepared well, and pushed to learn the right skills to get them to their end goal. It recognises someone who is committed, driven and motivated.

Nominees: Jordan Wickens, Lewis Cruse, Lucy Flowers, Tom Clifford, Woody Lovell, and Zia Cunha.

The Star Volunteer Award

The Star Volunteer Award goes to someone who has continually given up their time to support the Foundation. Whether it’s shaking a bucket, helping with office admin or assisting coaches. They have shown commitment, worked hard and made a tangible difference to the Foundation team. We simply couldn’t have done it without them.

Nominees:  Alex Johnson, Dean Cole, Hannah Piper, Jan Wicks, and Mervyn Clingan.

The First-Rate Fundraiser Award

The First-Rate Fundraiser Award recognises a fundraiser who has gone the extra mile – sometimes literally! – To raise money for Bath Rugby Foundation. They may be a cyclist or runner; they may be a partner organisation. Whatever their connection to us, they have used new ideas to hit ambitious fundraising targets – and inspire others to do the same.

Nominees: Ben Howlett, Claire Lockton and Rebecca Newton, David Barnes, Paul Jevons, Stuart Doughty, Chris Smith and Kate Eversole, and Tim Carson.

The Heart of the Community Award

The Heart of the Community Award goes to the business or local organisation whose support has enabled us to carry out vital work in the community. Whether via sponsoring a project, running a fundraising event or choosing us as their chosen charity. They have helped us to raise awareness and build relationships with those in our local community.

Nominees: Bathavon Rotary, BMT, Coventry Building Society, Fitness First Bath, The Consortium, Thrings, and Zenith.

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