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The Clash 2018: Meet Bath Rugby Foundation XV member Alice Beere

A young woman who has overcome the odds time and time again throughout her life will be appearing on the special shirts worn by Bath Rugby at The Clash.

Alice Beere was born with an undiagnosed medical condition and her family were told she may not see her second birthday, but she has never given up.

Alice has been involved in many Foundation inclusion programmes over the years and throughout she has dedicated herself to each of them, especially the Hi5! Sports Club which is the community sports club for people with special educational needs or disabilities.

Read more about the Hi5! Club here.

Foundation Senior Coach Becks Toan, who leads the Hi5! Club said: “She has an attitude of never giving up and is very dedicated. She takes part in the club to socialise with people but also to build up her strength and endurance in her body.

“She is one of our most dedicated participants, turning up weekly, she’s also a huge rugby fan and attends most home Bath Rugby games and has been a mascot for Bath Rugby running out with Stuart Hooper.”

Alice’s father, Laurence Beere said: “Amongst other things she’s got chronic lung disease so exercise is really important so getting her to go to the Hi5! Club, where she runs around and meets people, just has a good time, gives her the belief that she can do sport.

“You can’t underestimate how rare it is to see such an amazing group of people, boys and girls leading that group and making Alice and all the others that go there to the Foundation clubs just believe in themselves and achieve so much.”

The limited-edition shirt the Bath Rugby players will wear at The Clash this year have been created in conjunction with Bath Rugby Foundation, the charitable arm of Bath Rugby, and feature images of inspirational individuals who form the Foundation’s own very special XV.

All fifteen have overcome the odds and achieved remarkable success while taking part in programmes run by Bath Rugby Foundation.

The shirt, which has been designed by Canterbury of New Zealand, Official Kit Supplier to the Club, is limited edition and will raise funds for Bath Rugby Foundation after the game.