Bath Rugby Foundation
Fiona Spencer
Marketing and Communications Manager

Fiona likes nothing better than penning a good Tweet. Having spent two years working for the James Dyson Foundation as a Project Manager, Fiona took up the post of Head of Internal Communications at Dyson for a further two year stint. She started at Bath Rugby Foundation in January 2016.
“Bath Rugby Foundation is a unique charity. Its link with the Club, and with the city of Bath mean the potential impact is enormous. I’m excited to tell the stories of our inspiring participants and bring a tear to the eye of anyone who reads them! HITZ is a project which particularly inspires me. There aren’t enough organisations giving opportunities to vulnerable young people and the fact we are able to do that, and to link companies to young people who need it is something to be proud of. My big passion is for strong branding, compelling content and consistency and this is something I am to bring to the Foundation.”